Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Oreck vacuum cleaners are among some of the best vacuums in the industry. A company that began in the sixties by making vacuum cleaners for use in hotels, Oreck has grown into a common household name. Homeowners who want durable, lightweight, and powerful vacuum cleaners trust in Oreck.

Oreck vacuums come in both upright and handheld models. That means that there is an Oreck vacuum to clean every carpeted room or area in your home. Most upright models are sold as part of a package where the consumer gets both an upright Oreck vacuum and a handheld Oreck vacuum.

Check out some of these Oreck Vacuum Cleaners:

The Oreck Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck Platinum Pilot has many features that make it a superior vacuum for the home. First, the Oreck Platinum Pilot weighs approximately ten pounds which is extremely lightweight for a full size vacuum. The lightweight vacuum not only makes it easy to get the vacuum in and out of storage, but also contributes to its amazing maneuverability. The Oreck Platinum Pilot has a ball-joint and pivot connection design which means that it can turn easily around corners and piece of furniture. Its low profile also contributes to being able to maneuver around furniture easily.

Another feature of the Oreck Platinum Pilot is the powerful vacuuming ability. The Platinum Pilot is equipped with a pile-lifting roller brush that gives an increase in pick up performance. The powerful brush rotating at 5600 rpm and the 1023 mph airflow produced by the Pilot mean that this vacuum cleaner is a more efficient cleaning tool than most vacuum cleaners on the market.

Finally, the Oreck Platinum Pilot vacuum cleaner, like all Oreck vacuum cleaners, comes with an annual tune up every year for ten years. The tune up is completed at your local Oreck store and includes replacing parts that wear, cleaning important parts, and checking all electrical connections to ensure the vacuum runs properly.

The Oreck XL Gold Pro Series Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck XL Gold Series vacuum is similar to the Pilot in many ways, but there are some features that are missing. First, the Gold Series does not have the ball-joint and pivot connection design so it is not quite as maneuverable. However, it still has a low profile and wide cleaning path. The Oreck Gold Series also has one pass cleaning, like the Oreck Platinum Pilot. One pass cleaning means that you can clean carpet or floors with only one pass and it is easy to switch from one surface to another.

The Oreck Gold Series vacuum has a slightly different kind of roller brush. Instead of the pile-lifting roller, there is a double helix roller that works just as well. The double helix roller just doesn’t move as easily through thick carpets. However, just like the Pilot the Gold series has two speed motor that allows you to vacuum both delicate carpet fibers you might find in a Persian rug and heavy piled carpet.

The Oreck Gold Series vacuum cleaner comes with six annual tune ups rather than ten, but that is still an excellent amount of protection. In addition, the Gold Series, like all Oreck vacuum cleaners, comes with a risk free thirty day trial which means you can return the product if you are not happy with it within thirty days of your purchase.

The Oreck XL Silver Pro Series Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck SL Silver Pro Series vacuum cleaner is very similar to the Gold Series, but cost about one hundred dollars less. The main differences between the two models are the speed of the double helix roller brush which is 5600 rpm in the Gold Series and 6500 rpm in the Silver Series and the number of annual tune ups offered which is six for the Gold and three for the Silver. Other than some aesthetics, those are the only difference between these two models.

Just like the other Oreck vacuum cleaners, the Oreck Silver Pro comes with an inner HEPA bag that traps dust, allergens, and other small particles. This feature is especially nice for homeowners with pets because it is good at trapping dander and pet hair. The Oreck Silver Pro vacuum also has the Saniseal system like all other Oreck vacuum cleaners. The Saniseal system creates a strong seal around the filter bag to ensure that no dirt or particles escape once they are vacuumed up.

The Oreck XL Element Pro Series Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck SL Element Pro Series vacuum cleaner is an introductory model that is great for a household that is on a budget but still wants a powerful vacuum for cleaning. This model has only a one speed motor, so it might not be safe to use on more delicate carpet fibers but it works extremely well on the most common carpet fibers. It has a double helix roller brush that rotates at 6500 rpm and comes with one pass cleaning technology like all other Oreck vacuums.

The Element Series comes with only one annual tune up, but this nine pound vacuum is a great way to introduce the power of Oreck to your home. Like all other Oreck vacuum cleaners, the Element Pro Series comes with edge brushes that reach all the way to the baseboard when you are vacuuming next to a wall.

The Oreck Deluxe Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck Deluxe Handheld vacuum cleaner is a wonderful tool to have in your cleaning arsenal because it is so lightweight and has so many different attachments that you can take it almost anywhere. The handheld vacuum weighs around five pounds without all the attachments and you can either carry it in your hand or wear it over your shoulder.

The attachments include a dusting brush, a floor tool, and a crevice tool. The Deluxe handheld from Oreck also comes with a telescoping wand and a forty two inch hose. The versatility that these attachments give you as a homeowner mean that you can clean any piece of furniture, any small carpeted area like stairs, or hard to reach areas like in between pieces of furniture or along baseboards.

The Oreck Deluxe Handheld vacuum cleaner comes with the Oreck Gold, Silver, and Element Series as a package when you buy from an Oreck store or online at the Oreck website. These packages are a great deal because you would spend on average about one hundred fifty dollars more if you bought the items separately.

The Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner by Oreck is very similar to the Deluxe version. The major differences are in the attachments. The Ultimate Handheld Oreck Vacuum Cleaner comes with a longer hose attachment at five feet and the floor tool features plush horsehair fibers that make it appropriate to use on even the most delicate carpet fibers. This model of handheld vacuum by Oreck also comes with a tool caddy for easy carrying of your attachments. It is much easier to keep track of everything and have the attachment you need at your fingertips with the tool caddy. The Ultimate handheld vacuum comes with the Platinum Pilot upright vacuum package.

The Oreck Ironman Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck Ironman handheld vacuum cleaner is the top of the line handheld vacuum offered by Oreck. This model comes with a two speed motor so it is a good tool to use on both durable and delicate carpet fibers and upholstery. This Oreck handheld vacuum weighs a little bit more at seven pounds, but it comes with wheels so that you can put it on the ground and have it travel behind you as you clean. The accessories and attachments are easily accessible because they attach to the base but they do not get in the way when the vacuum rolls from room to room either.

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