Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Keeping a clean house is important for many reasons. First of all, a clean house is appealing to both the inhabitants and guests. It is absolutely amazing the difference you feel between walking into a messy room and walking into a clean room. The clean space makes you feel safe and calm where the messy room makes you feel on edge. A clean house also gives a good impression to anyone who visits. People often feel like they are walking into the middle of something if they walk into a dirty house. House cleaning is important not only because of aesthetic reasons, but for the resale value of your home. Certain household chores may seem cumbersome and unnecessary sometimes, but they help sustain the longevity of parts of your house like the tile grout, carpets, floors, and windows. Without regular cleaning these areas can deteriorate and make your house less valuable when it comes time to sell. Cleanliness is also important in terms of your health. Without a cleaning schedule, certain areas of your house might start to grow mold or mildew which many individuals are allergic to. If you suffer from any kind of allergies then mold exposure can be particularly bad for you. In addition, clutter and left over food attract pests like ants, cockroaches, mice, and rats. If you want your home free from vermin, then keep your house clean.

Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies you will need to keep a house looking spic and span vary depending on what room you are cleaning in and what kind of fixtures and furniture are in there. You need very different janitorial supplies for cleaning in the bathroom, for example, than in the living room. However, if you just moved into your first house or apartment away from the help of your mother and father, then there are a few tools that should be in every homeowner’s cleaning kit.

First, you want the supplies to clean floors. If there is carpet in your home, then you will need a vacuum cleaner. When you go to the store to buy a vacuum cleaner, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices. For example, there are about twenty different Electrolux vacuum cleaners alone. You can buy relatively inexpensive vacuums as well as vacuum cleaners that cost hundreds of dollars more than the basic model. A good rule of thumb is to buy the best vacuum cleaner you can afford because a good vacuum goes a long way in keeping your carpets in good condition. The next cleaning tool you will need is a broom and dustpan combination. You will want one of these if you have any floors in your home that are not carpeted. In addition to the broom, a mop and bucket are also a good idea to clean the hard floors. Other helpful cleaning supplies include scrub brushes, sponges, a squeegee, and rags. With these basics, you should be able to clean almost any surface in your home.

After you have the brushes, so to speak, you will need the paints. In other words, cleaning supplies are the next thing on your house cleaning shopping list. If you want to be really simple about it, you could probably clean all the surfaces in your house with some baking soda and vinegar. Nevertheless, most people prefer specialized cleaners for different purposes. It can be easy to get carried away, though so here is a list of the basics:

  • Window cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner (to treat soap scum and clean toilets)
  • Dish soap
  • Grease cutting cleaner (orange essence for example for the kitchen
  • Furniture polish
  • All purpose cleaner for floors

    Bathroom Cleaning

    By far, one of the two hardest rooms in the house to keep clean is the bathroom. The other is the kitchen which we will address later. Bathroom cleaning is complicated by the fact that the bathroom environment is wet and humid much of the time, and there is an over abundance of hair, dead skin, nails, etc. The combination of the environment and what is done in the bathroom make it a very gross place if you think about it. To keep you bathroom clean, you will want some multipurpose bathroom cleaner that works well on soap scum and mildew. You should also have some glass cleaner and perhaps a specific toilet bowl cleaner. The toughest thing in the bathroom to keep clean is the tile grout. Grout cleaning is an art in itself and you will need to spend time on this chore every day if you want to learn how to clean grout efficiently and want your grout lines to look like new in the years to come. It is super important to keep your bathroom looking clean because the bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms most sighted by potential home buyers as deal breakers when they are house hunting.

    Kitchen Cleaning

    As I said before, the other room in the house that is tough to keep clean is the kitchen. Kitchen’s are exposed to all kinds of elements that can affect their cleanliness. Grease, splashes from cooking, raw food contaminants, crumbs, and general clutter can all contribute to the slovenly state of any kitchen. That is why it is important to have a cleaner that can cut through grease and grime easily. Most cleaners with an orange essence have this quality. You also want something that can kill bacteria because uncooked or unprepared foods can leave behind harmful germs and bacteria on your counters and sink. Some plain old dish soap is also important to clean your plates and utensils. Organization is also important in the kitchen because they can become easily cluttered. You can find all kinds of drawer and cabinet organizers to help you here.

    Cleaning Tips

    When you think about having to clean all the surfaces, floors, objects, and ceilings in your house the task might seem so daunting that you don’t know where to start. The most important cleaning tip anyone can give you is to make a schedule. Think about the rooms or items that need to be cleaned regularly. Then organize them into a list and break up the task into days. For example, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, floor cleaning, and window cleaning are some tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis. You can assign each task a day of the week and every time that day roles around you know it’s time to attack that cleaning project. If you are busy with something and miss one week, it won’t matter too much because you will get to it the next week. For larger cleaning items on your list like cleaning the kitchen, you can break it up a little further. You know you can wipe down the counters and organize every week, but things like cleaning the oven, refrigerator, or cleaning out your cabinets do not need to be done as often. Schedule those tasks once a month so that on kitchen cleaning day you do all the small stuff and one big task each week.

    Of course, there are house cleaning projects that only need to be addressed once or a few time per year. Carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, cleaning out your closets, wall scrubbing, etc can go on a schedule of quarterly or yearly tasks. Set aside one weekend each season for large cleaning projects. If you stick to a schedule, you house should stay in top shape for a very long time. Plus, when you decide to sell, you will be ready to go. Most sellers go on a cleaning spree when they decide to list their house, but if you stick to your schedule you will not have to do that.

    Another helpful cleaning trick is to make it fun. Some people think that cleaning chores are dull and tedious. The truth is that you can make the cleaning experience a fun one by adding in some music or an element of competition with your family members. Play music throughout the house while each member of the family does their chore. You can try to see who finishes first or who does the best job and then award that person with the remote for an evening or dinner of their choice for the week.

    Professional Cleaning Services

    Many homeowners do not have time to keep their house clean on their own. They require the help of a professional or commercial cleaning service. These are companies that you hire to come into your home once or twice a week and clean whatever you like similar to a janitorial service for a business. The service can be as basic as dusting and vacuuming or as in depth as cleaning out kitchen cabinets and scrubbing carpets. Most services will let you change the things you want cleaned as often as you like. They leave behind a checklist for you to fill out indicating any special work you want one in the future. If you hire one of these services you want to make sure they are bonded and have a strong history in your community. You will be giving these people the keys to your home so you want to make sure you are protected.

    Even if you do not use a commercial cleaning service regularly, you can hire professionals for specific jobs like grout and tile cleaning in a bathroom, carpet cleaning, or gutter and siding cleaning. When you weigh how much time it will take you to complete the task against the extra cost, it might be well worth the expense.