Grout Cleaning Machine

If you are serious about cleaning tile grout, or if you own a restaurant, daycare, or other establishment that gets high traffic but must maintain strict cleanliness standards, then you might want to invest in a grout cleaning machine. Grout cleaning machines come in many forms, but essentially, they are some combination of a high pressure water stream and brush. There are many vendors for these types of machines, but you will most likely find them online. If you are interested in professional grout cleaning machines, then you probably should use professional strength grout cleaners or grout cleaning chemicals that are recommended by the machine’s manufacturer.

Some grout cleaning machines look and behave a lot like a carpet cleaning machine. These machines work on the principle of steam cleaning. Steam is expelled out of the machine under high pressure and penetrates deep into the grout. Then a powerful vacuum uses suction to pull the dirty water into a basin in the machine. Steam cleaning grout can be very effective if the grout is not too stained and you clean it regularly. Steam alone will not work very well on tough stains or stains caused by mildew. Other steam cleaners like the Bissell Steam Mop use a very small amount of steam and no suction and are better for everyday cleaning than for major grout cleaning projects.

Other grout cleaning tools uses brushes to help get the job done. The most popular models have a circular bottom. There are usually one or two outlets for high pressure streams of hot water. The water streams are enclosed in a circular curtain brush. The water comes out hot and with a lot of force. The brushes then scrub the grout in the curtain. With these types of grout cleaning machines, you usually apply a cleaner to the floor first so that the hot water can activate oxygen bleach or other cleaning chemical. These machines usually require a water source and a tank to collect the dirty water. That is why they are most often used by professional grout cleaning services and are hooked up to a truck like in this video.

The best place to try to find grout cleaning machines for your own use is online. This type of cleaning equipment is not typically sold in home supply stores or to the public. It is fairly specialized and usually is bought by businesses. Another good place to buy equipment like this is from cleaning services that are going out of business. Cleaning companies will be looking to liquidate their assets and might be willing to sell you their used equipment at a good price.