Kirby Vacuums

Kirby vacuums are always at the forefront of vacuuming technology and have been since the company’s beginnings in the early nineteen hundreds. Jim Kirby was an inventor and the Kirby vacuum system was his greatest invention. Kirby only sells one product at a time. Whenever there is an improvement made to the design a new series is manufactured to replace the old one. The newest Kirby vacuum system is the Sentria system. There have been several different versions of the Sentria system, but the newest ones were manufactured in 2009 and later.

What makes the Sentria Kirby vacuum unique is the fact that it is a convertible floor care system rather than just a vacuum or just a carpet shampoo machine. You do not have to find storage space for multiple machines like a vacuum, a carpet shampoo system, a floor buffer, etc. Instead, you only have to store one system that can become each of these floor care appliances. The Kirby Sentria system is made of cast aluminum rather than plastic which makes it quite durable and light so it is easy to transport from room to room.

The Kirby vacuum has many features worth mentioning. For example, it comes with a HEPA 11 filtration system and powerful airflow which combine to prevent even the smallest pieces of debris from escaping back into the environment. Another feature worth mentioning on the Kirby vacuum system is the TechDrive® power assist which makes it easy to push the Kirby system around with even the lightest touch.

A feature known as Toe Touch Control allows you to adjust the cleaning height on your Kirby vacuum with your foot rather than bending over each time. There is also an LED headlight which will help to illuminate the room where you are using your Kirby vacuum if it is dark or not lit well.

When you use the portable mode, you can sling the Kirby vacuum over your shoulder and transport it easily to hard to reach areas like on top of furniture or the tops of window boxes. You can get into even more places with the wide array of attachments that come with the Kirby vacuum system. For example, you might clean the upholstered furniture in your home to remove pet hair or other troublesome debris that most vacuums cannot touch.

When operating as a carpet shampoo machine, the Kirby floor care system uses a quick drying process that lets you get back to using your carpet faster than most traditional at home carpet shampooers. People typically only get those kinds of results with professional carpet cleaning services. When operating in buffer mode you can polish and buff hard floor surfaces to a shine which is much more than most hardwood floor cleaners can accomplish. Most just clean with steam and leave behind streaks rather than shiny surfaces.

Where to Buy Kirby Vacuums

Kirby is one of the only vacuum manufacturers that still sell exclusively independent distributors. Individuals who are authorized Kirby distributors come into your home to give a demonstration and then they can sell you a home floor care system immediately. The Independent Kirby Distributor will also provide maintenance and service to your Kirby machine as well as sell you any Kirby home care products such as carpet shampoo or other cleaners. Any Kirby vacuums that you see advertized on the internet as NEW are misrepresented in some way because the only way to buy Kirby vacuums is through an in home demonstration. Kirby believes that everyone should have the opportunity to try a product in their own home before purchasing it. In addition, this model provides opportunities for success to young entrepreneurs everywhere.